Trees support complex ecosystems which can be destroyed, or weakened if the tree is felled. Ecology services help to develop an understanding of the ecosystem services provided by individual trees or woodlands.

When trees are felled for agricultural purposes, fear of subsidence or because of structural issues, its ecosystem needs to be taken into account.


Research studies have shown that a reduction in the number of nest sites can limit the breeding of birds. In the same way, organisms that depend on specialised tree habitats will begin to become scarce if their habitat disappears. This is particularly pertinent in veteran trees where strains of fungi may have evolved over centuries.


Trees and woodland provide a diverse habitat for a host of mammals and invertebrates, some of which are protected through legislation. At ARC Arboricultural Solutions we provide an overview of the potential for protected species and work in collaboration with professional associates in the ecology industry to enable relocation for development or to improve the diversity of habitat.

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