Tree Surveys and Inspections

Tree Surveys and Inspections

Trees by their nature are considered as living organisms that naturally shed branches and host pathogens. ARC identifies hazardous trees and assesses any risks they may present.

Whether you’re planning a new development, planning a landscape garden, or buying a house, tree surveys can help you to make informed decisions.


Understanding the trees in your care allows you to know which trees need special management, and what the risks are that unmanaged trees present.


All landowners have a legal common ‘Duty of Care’ under the Occupiers Liability Act 1957-1984. This means carrying out a suitable and appropriate risk assessment on any trees in your care. An arboricultural tree survey will check for decay, pest control or structural hazards. The subsequent report will offer recommendations for tree management works.


ARC can provide various surveys and inspections depending on your requirements, with trees digitally plotted for accuracy and map production.

Tree Risk Management for Landowners

Whether you require a Visual Tree Assessment (VTA) for a single tree or a woodland, ARC can help. We’ll work from ground level, digitally plotting trees and detailing our findings in a subsequent report. We’ll also offer clear recommendations to avert future risk and plan effective tree management. We may suggest a more in-depth investigation using decay detection equipment and aerial inspections.


VTA is carried out by Roz Richardson (Principal at ARC Arboriculture) who holds formal qualification Tech.Cert.(Arbor. A), the LANTRA Certificate in Professional Tree Inspection and who is a professional member of the Arboricultural Association.

Mortgage Tree Reports for Homebuyers

Mortgage lenders can require a Mortgage or Homebuyer’s Tree Report before agreeing to support an application. The function of the report is to identify the potential risks to a property from nearby trees.


The report includes a brief risk and condition assessment to identify potential direct and indirect risks to the property from trees. It identifies where trees are inappropriate to the site, makes remedial recommendations, and identifies factors which may require more in-depth investigation.

BS 5837 Tree Survey for Planning and Development

Trees are a material planning consideration on any development project. Whether or not they’re protected, trees on or adjacent to your site are subject to an arboricultural report. It’s required to validate a planning application and to assist planning officers in their determinations. Your planning application may be held up if arboricultural information isn’t included.


ARC works with clients’, architects and engineers with the aim of finding a pragmatic balance between the conservation of existing trees, new planting, and development requirements. Our approach is always to find innovative and creative solutions to challenges we encounter. ARC will always deliver your project in accordance with BS 5837 2012 “Trees in Relation to Demolition, Design and Construction”.


For further information see our Planning and Development page

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